Asia is Opening Back Up for Your Events!!!

Asia is Opening Back Up for Your Events!!!

While the event industry is slowly crawling towards a restart in the West, with many cities still dealing with shutdowns and limitations caused by COVID-19, countries in Asia are moving forward – and fast!

Countries like South Korea, Singapore & China have handled these crises well, and never had to face the drastic measures of absolute quarantine. To an extent, business in these countries has been running as usual, with the exception of wearing masks in public, practicing social distancing, and preventing mass gatherings.

However, large events are even anticipated to start September in South Korea and China, and it is only a matter of time until other countries in Asia start opening too.

While business may be a struggle to maintain in many Western countries, going to Asia where the impacts of COVID-19 are not as harsh economically, may be the best way for businesses to survive this global pandemic. Establishing a presence in Asia, while waiting for countries in the West to recover, may be the best move during such pressing times. 

So, should your products, services and brands yearn that much-needed boost, head on over to Asia to make those sales, and we are here to help you!

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We work with some awesome brands across China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Korea & across Asia. Verve is THE leading Staffing & Talent provider for Events, Exhibitions & Activations in Greater Asia. We Make it Happen!

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