Discover the Major Event Industry’s Trends for 2020

Discover the Major Event Industry’s Trends for 2020

Discover the Major Event Industry’s Trends for 2020

In the last couple of years, the Event Industry has been characterized by lots of change and innovation. Here you find some of the expected trends in the Event Industry for 2020!

  1. More and more clients are craving uniqueness and authenticity!
    People want to be surprised! The competition is getting stronger and the choices available are almost unlimited… be sure to stand out by impressing your customers and offering them an authentic journey! Think about the choice of the venue… surprise attendees with an untraditional unique event held in a museum or at the beach!
  2. More sustainability
    It will be an increasing trend for the future. For example, event planners are already holding paper-free events. To achieve that, more effort will be put into technology and digital extension with the use of mobile apps. Also, attendees will be looking for venues with local food initiatives or practices for energy efficiency.
  3. More safety and security
    Safety and security are already a top priority for the industry… but given the evolution of the terms which now entail a wide array of legal aspects, more attention will be paid to ensuring certain rules are followed!
  4. More tailored learning opportunities and more engagement
    Gamification options, VR, AR and robotics are valued tools to promote interaction, networking and memorability of the experience. Live streaming is becoming more popular, especially in the Asia-Pacific, to include people who can’t attend the event in person.
  5. More usage of chatbots
    Chatbots are becoming more and more integrated into the system of event planning and execution. Chatbots can be used to engage users not only online but offline as well. They can act as personal assistants by answering attendees’ questions or needs at any time, increasing audience engagement and helping to sell more tickets!
  6. More leisure and well-being
    The destination of the Event plays a considerable role in attendees’ decision making and it is not only about business! To blend your Event into a professional and well-being moment you could include activities like guided tours, meditation, yoga or cooking lessons.
  7. More face-to-face time
    Events are a powerful touchpoint with potential clients. Researches show that Event marketing can drive more value than other marketing channels. Create networking opportunities and spontaneous conversations! …Are you too busy to focus on this? Change your ways! 😉

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