Emerging Roles in The Event Industry

Emerging Roles in The Event Industry

Emerging Roles in The Event Industry

The Event Industry concept may sound a little confusing to people who are not or not yet operating in the sector. People may think it is just simply about planning or managing Events in China but… there is a world behind! The competition is strong, and people attend many different Events & Trade Shows… you need to make sure your company is maximizing the chance to transform the experience of attendees to unforgettable!

With the advent of new technologies and tech solutions, augmented reality and huge amount of data, new roles and positions are emerging as well! People are also more environmentally conscious and have higher expectations in terms of food, environment and sustainability.

…What can we say?
It is a very exciting time to work for the Event Industry: there are plenty of opportunities to exploit!

Here we are with some of the emerging positions in the Event & Exhibition Industry in China:

  1. Event Tech Expert
    We already discussed the growing presence and importance of new tech solutions, right? A tech Expert in charge of planning and advising you on technical solutions is fundamental! Ranging from audio visual arrangements to special and savvy tech-effects.
  2. Conference Architect
    Consult a conference architect to find out if there is room for improvement or if your Event could be designed in a better way. Remember that the planning of an Event is not simply as easy as planning a meeting; it is about creating a journey and deliver memories!
  3. Customer Experience Manager
    Events and Exhibitions are getting more about customer engagement, and they are more and more about delivering memorable experiences. Someone in charge of making sure the customer experience is great is a must! It is fundamental to provide on-site support, to be responsive and to collect feedback for further improvement.
  4. Event Sustainability Manager
    People are getting more environmentally conscious, and for companies it is fundamental to be active in corporate social responsibility. Reflect your commitment also during your Event by hiring someone responsible for it: someone who can help you to provide local food and vegan options, make sure to have sustainable and differentiated waste disposal, invest in saving energy, and so on.
  5. Diversity Coordinator
    The future of Events will be more and more focused on promoting diversity, therefore the role of human resources will be even more important. The figure of someone in charge of managing this diversity is key: make sure to represent minorities and to give them the opportunity to speak and participate, but also make sure to create a great journey for different people having variated cultures and diverse needs.
  6. Virtual Event Planner
    Thanks to digital the future will be more and more about remote jobs opportunities.
    You may consider hiring an Event Planner working remotely and flexibly for you.

And remember: if you are on your way to your next Event or Exhibition in Asia, get in touch today to find out how Verve can help you to #MakeItHappen!

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