Events and Exhibitions as a Marketing Investment

Events and Exhibitions as a Marketing Investment

Have You Ever Considered the Potential of Events and Exhibitions as a Marketing Investment?

Events, Conferences, Exhibitions and Trade Shows are huge investments for companies… they require lots of organization and planning, especially in terms of budget… but:

…they can in turn generate a remarkable ROI and prosperity in the long run thanks to the real-time engagement with your clients!

Compared to online marketing campaigns or advertisements, Events and Exhibitions can add a personalized touch to your product or your brand!
You give your clients the opportunity to meet your team, to better understand your values and the intangible benefits you are delivering with your service! You can better transmit your narrative and philosophy through face-to-face interaction!

Here we are with some reasons why it is worth investing in Events and Exhibitions!

  1. Events build relationships

What better opportunity for networking? Through Events you can build valuable and long-lasting bonds with your audience: you can retain your customers by spending time with them and showing you care, and you can attract prospects by face-to-face interaction! Make sure the follow-up after the Event is your priority… go back to the office and collect all the contacts and business card and get in touch with these people ASAP… also never forget to thank your actual clients for their time! Your current customers are what builds up your business everyday… make them feel important, always!

  1. The ROI is there: Events generate leads
    To build relationships means to generate leads! Events help you to raise awareness about your service and, as a consequence, to lead conversions. It is much easier for prospects to remember your brand if you get to know them personally and offer them unique experiences! Make sure to collect contact information from prospects. Why not offer photo opportunities and ask for their email address…? Or… create a competition where the winner will be announced via email!
  1. Events are becoming more and more tangible

Exploit technology to enhance your narrative! With the help of some great technological solutions, you can make your service and the entire customer experience more and more tangible. For the service industry in particular, the opportunity to make your brand tangible is fundamental in order to provide your audience with a preview and first taste of what it feels like to be part of your brand! Tangibility allows you to show them the benefits associated with your brand! Think about VR and AR solutions to showcase the benefit of your service… exploit gamification!

  1. Millennials love Events and… FOMO is real!

Guess what? Millennials love Events and are willing to spend money on desirable unforgettable experiences! It is key to start involving the new generations into your business and your concept because this is where the future is! Make your Event as attractive as possible to make sure to raise curiosity and interest among millennials: FOMO – fear of missing out – is real among them, and they can’t miss thrilling opportunities! Events are a great opportunity to educate the newest generation in the best way possible: by engaging them!

  1. Events craft memories
    Event Marketing is all about spreading awareness and generating word-of-mouth!
    How to generate it? By offering thrilling experiences and engaging with People to make sure they will collect memories about their time spent with you!

Remember: it may be that people won’t even remember what they did… but for sure they will remember how you made them feel!

You want to make sure you are crafting the best memories ever, right?

And… how important it is to do it the right way?

Get in touch today to find out how Verve can help you to #MakeItHappen!

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