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Enhancing Customer Experiences

Putting on an event, activation or marketing campaign that stands out, is essential. Customers attend so many events, it is vital to leave them with unique and engaging memories. Verve supports clients across China, Japan & Asia as they seek to enter or increase their market presence. Verve supports event build ups, and enhances them with our charismatic staff across the region!

Understanding the Chinese, Japanese & Asian cultures is paramount – without a culturally aware opening ceremony, the coveted first impression risks losing its full potential. Opening a hotel in China requires a perfect blend of international flair, coupled with the local expertise of experienced event managers. The Verve Events team works with international hotel brands, delivering captivating hotel openings in cities across China & Japan.

Our events maintain the highest levels of support staffing, as well as entertainment and performances. Each of our special hotel openings is tailored to complement the rich Chinese culture, whilst being true to the true brand image and roots. Each hotel opening will uniquely harmonise with its location, history, and local flavour.

At Verve Events, we create quality through the highest levels of dedication, every time.

It’s all about engagement, interaction & memorable experiences. Entering the Chinese, Japanese & Asian markets can be daunting. Therefore it’s imperative to make use of a powerful arsenal of event techniques, leaving only the most flawless impression. You’re not only exhibiting products or services; you’re seeking to engage and touch you target audiences. Create a consumer experience that’s multi-levelled across China.

Our team of creative experts love to think of amazing and never-done-before ideas for your product launches, and our array of great clients will attest to our outstanding work. We can help you to create the concept, produce and implement your promotional campaigns from beginning to end, whether it’s for your roadshows, product launches, marketing campaigns or promotional activities.

WOW-Factor, delivered.

If you are coming to China, Japan and Asia, & wish to build experiences, booths, interactive promotional spaces for your brand, you need a team you can trust. We make it happen for you.

Verve Events boasts a strong network of suppliers across China, Japan & Asia, ensuring quality & creativity are integral to your company’s efforts. We have work with abbots of fabulous brands, small & large alike. Contact us!

From formal gala dinners, to charity fundraisers, Verve Events has an intimate understanding of your organisation’s objectives. As such, we provide tailor-made events specifically designed to address all of your requirements. From sourcing the event in the highest quality venues, to theme and AV creation, all sprinkled with the magic of unique performances with cutting-edge technology, we take pride in delivering the unique. Each element of our events are purpose-built to ensure a truly engaging and positive association to your brand.

Our objective is create galas and occasions that will make your event more than just a one-hit wonder in China; our objective is to create a truly memorable experience that will get people talking excitedly for weeks afterwards.

It is crucial that the first line of your brand, product or service is an engaging & friendly one. Verve Hostesses provide just that. Your exhibition presence relies on superior levels of social interaction; you have a limited amount of time to generate leads. You will be busy, & you will need to interact with all of your potential clients; this is precisely where Verve professionally-trained hostesses thrive.

It’s not hard to find a pretty face, but it’s hard to find a charismatic personality. Verve Talent shares its extensive database of promotional hostesses in China & Asia with you, giving you access to a range of multilingual, engaging, & industry-experienced promotional staffs. All of our hostesses are specially selected & trained, & have been certified by the International Hostess Programme.

The front line at every event, exhibition & promotion is crucial. We provide superior & well-trained support staff on the ground across China, Japan & Asia. Runners, Registration Staff, Security, Drivers, Greeters – we provide solid & reliable staff across the Asian region.





Black Tie Charity Gala Dinner | Shanghai

Black Tie Charity Gala Dinner | Shanghai

Cocktail Event | JLL

Cocktail Event | JLL

JLL | New Perspectives, New Opportunities

JLL | New Perspectives, New Opportunities

Scotland Gala Dinner | Shanghai

Scotland Gala Dinner | Shanghai

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