Events: Technological & Virtual Euphoria

Events: Technological & Virtual Euphoria

Are you a techno-phobe? Then start confronting your fears.

I’ve been part of the marketing and events community for over a decade, and as things change, as they normally do, nobody could predict the impact of technology on our lives.

Nobody could have predicted the almost exponential advancements in consumer electronics. Smartphones have almost become smarter than us. Cars are no-longer parallel parking, but driving us to our parking spot.

Now, events are not limited to a confined space; instead, technology can take you there.

Middle Kingdom 2.0

Back when I set out starting an Events & Exhibitions Company in Shanghai, the objective was clear: to bring international standards of events, as well as event staffing, to China.

In that time, two things have happened.

  1. Verve has grown at a wonderful pace, due to maintaining these high standards
  2. China has embraced consumer technology unlike any other nation on earth.

Smartphone use in China now eclipses that of any other nation, and is projected to account for two-thirds of mobile phone use in the country this year. To highlight people’s preferences for devices, 90-percent of new books released in China are only read by users via smartphones.

Fly with Me, Virtually

Tech has been feared to be used a substitute to real-life social interaction; it no longer bears that connotation.

Events are now enhanced in ways otherwise unachievable.

One way has been through digital mirrors; interactive touch-screens, capturing photo moments, allowing us to interact with the image, and share the experience on social media; a selfie without lifting your arm.

Social media has become a key driver, with 3D cameras capturing videos of events, allowing viewers to pause and rotate the viewer’s perspective of their film at any point during the course of the video; play, pause, look around, play, and repeat.

Virtual reality is a way to explore distant worlds, ones that are filmed, or created from scratch. It’s possible through special viewer lenses, and also through inexpensive cardboard viewers by Google Cardboard.

Drones no-longer only deliver only books for Amazon. You will notice concerts that now feature camera-drones with 360-degree cameras, capturing the action from above, and all around.

Our Future is Now

Technology enhances events across the world. And with China the frontrunner in integrating people through amazing tech, I, along with my team, take it upon ourselves to bring these people closer together.

Events and Exhibitions make for powerful memories. Technology is yet another vehicle that gives it that power.

Couple technology with the traditional tactile, engaging, face-to-face social interaction at events, and you have a recipe for greatness.

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