Leaving a first impression is essential. With Verve Exhibitions, you will capitalise on the benefits of qualified staff in China, whose training and selection guarantee reliability and trade show professionalism. Enable your brand with only the highest standards of staff across China.
IHP-Certified Hosts & Hostesses are multilingual, and experienced in working for exhibitions and tradeshow occasions around the world. Hostesses always have proven references, and an outstanding rapport with prospective clients.
Hostesses, Interpreters, Registration Staff, Security, Performers, Models – Verve Exhibitions can provide staffing for exhibitions & trade shows through our extended network across China & the world.

It is crucial that the first line of your brand, product or service is an engaging and friendly one. Verve Hostesses provide just that. Your exhibition presence relies on superior levels of social interaction; you have a limited amount of time to generate leads. You will be busy, and you will need to interact with all of your potential clients; this is precisely where Verve professionally-trained hostesses thrive.

It’s not hard to find a pretty face, but it’s hard to find a charismatic personality. Verve Talent shares its extensive database of promotional hostesses with you, giving you access to a range of multilingual, engaging, and industry-experienced exhibition staff. All of our hostesses are specially selected and trained, and have been certified by the International Hostess Programme.

Maintaining the perfect event requires well-equipped and professional staff behind the scenes. Without the proper support system of event staff, essentially holding the event together, it can be difficult to guarantee satisfaction of guests, as well as ensuring that the event goes off without a hitch – not to mention in an engaging and interactive way.

It is highly important to ensure that you find exhibition staff that can be reliable and competent in their niche and crucial roles. This kind of staff can range from technical experts, ushers, moderators, set designers, as well as venue guides. Verve Talent has an intricate network of staff with the ability to take your event to the next level; it’s our expertise that leads to your success.

It all begins here! Registration Staff are at the frontlines of your exhibition booth. For this reason, they need to be masters at making that first impression. By choosing IHP-Certified Staff, specialised in registration and customer service, you thereby maximise your chance for customer retention.
Registration Staff at trade shows & events are specially selected for their social, organisation skills, and language proficiencies. With Verve Exhibitions, our selective screenings of staff guarantee only the most professional and experienced individuals. All staff adhere to branding objectives, and have proven references.

Return on investment has a personality, let it spring your brand into success!

Creating the ideal trade show booth is tantamount to competitive advantage. Custom-designed and created, with only the highest quality in mind, Verve Exhibitions brings you an intimate understanding of trade show booth concepts, and guarantees a formidable return on investment at your next exhibition. Our design team will create a space that’s always custom to your specifications. It’s a fine blend of creativity and value, working to realise your marketing objectives. We construct booths, but create brand legacy.

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