How Event & Trade Show Staff Can Stay Safe During COVID-19

How Event & Trade Show Staff Can Stay Safe During COVID-19

The event industry has become a bit more challenging, with COVID-19 in the mix, perhaps a bit frightening! As trade shows, exhibitions and events begin to make a reappearance in Asia and across the globe, how can you and your event staff take the necessary precautions to stay safe? 

Our team at Verve International have compiled a few tricks to keep safe, ensuring your safety and a successful event! Some of these may seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed as to how much debate these measures have caused amongst governments!

1: Change or Sanitize Your Gloves 

Wearing masks and gloves at a public event amid the COVID-19 pandemic may be a no brainer, but taking the extra precaution of washing or changing your gloves after each interaction will help decrease your chances of contamination.

2: Sanitize Your Masks 

It’s no secret that the proper masks effective against COVID-19 are low in supply. Instead of using up the correct masks and opting for cheaper ones, it is possible for event staff to re-use their masks in a safe way. They can take their masks home and have them hang above a boiling pot of water for five minutes or more. With additional light-handwashing with soap, they are good to use again. 

3: Designate an Area for Disinfectant Supplies 

Everything is constantly moving during event time, and it’s always hard to keep track of every moving piece. However, setting aside a table or room for event staff to access with all sorts of disinfectant supplies (hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray) would ensure smooth and immediate access – not to mention making the client feel at ease!

4: Keep Your Health a Priority 

Make sure you keep your immune system at its highest functioning capacity. Get good sleep the night before, maintain a high nutritional diet, and drink plenty of water!

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