Seven “NO-NOs” at Events & Trade Shows

Seven “NO-NOs” at Events & Trade Shows

A list of 7 NO-NO’s at Events & Trade Shows

Have you ever attended, or even worse, hosted an Event, and looked around thinking, “OH NO!!!”?

Verve International is here to provide you with 10 small, but HUGELY effective tips on how to be sure that Your Event is a Success!

  1. Lack of Branding

Is everything you are providing branded? Even down to the service? If not, then why not?
Be sure not to miss branding, a key feature to leave a lasting impression on your customers!

  1. Lack of Originality

Does your stand look just the same as everyone else’s? Let me tell you… there is nothing more frustrating to a guest at a trade show than look around and notice that everyone is doing the exact same thing. Even if your idea is a bit wacky, if it’s on-brand, DO IT!!!

  1. Lack of Engagement

What if someone is at your Event and they’re having the best time, but they can’t shout about it? Creating engagement with your consumers is key – so do a competition!

Promote a giveaway! Get people talking about your brand.

  1. Not being in ‘the know’ about Technology

Picking the best digital platform to promote your event will help you in reaching the right people. Once you’ve reached the right people, you are half-way there to get them to listen!

  1. Not knowing the Culture

Where is your Event? If it’s in China, are you on WeChat? An understanding of the local culture means you can communicate with the right people in the way they most expect. After all, isn’t the whole point to get new clients and customers, and engage with them? Going against the grain in unfamiliar territory is detrimental to its success.

  1. Not having the Right Staff

Is your Staff briefed about the kind of vibe it should transmit? The expectation of what your Event could be can very quickly be diluted by the staff if not properly instructed!

  1. Even more so – is Your Staff suitable for the location?

Imagine this: your Event is running smoothly, until a guest gets frustrated by a hostess or prmoter not speaking the local language. Never underestimate the importance of clear communication and local customs!

So… how Verve can help You?
We provide a tailor-made fit to deliver Great Event & Exhibition Staff!
We can match your expectations with reality!

Is your next Event in China or Asia? Get in touch to find out how we can #MakeItHappen!

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