The Changing Landscape Behind Events in China

The Changing Landscape Behind Events in China

Allow me to take you through a typical event that you may have come across in the Middle Kingdom – be it a gala dinner, conference, product launch or brand activation. Guests arrive all ready for an exciting and unique evening, they enter the reception area, stand up against a wall to pose for a photo in front of an over-branded backdrop, sign their names, and are ushered along. From there guests are regaled by performances they most likely will have seen many times before, ranging from the traditional dragon dance (which can be extremely beautiful if done right), to some sort of dance that bears little relevance to the event at hand. The Emcee hosts the night with a carefully-scripted presentation without much room for his or her real personality to shine through. All very cookie-cutter.

Sound familiar?

I’m glad to say that times are changing. Brands, companies and guests are demanding something different, something more interactive. The Chinese market is in perpetual motion, with companies vying for unique ways to stand out from the crowd and the incessant clutter of events. Whereas up until recently if your closest competitor hadn’t integrated something new, flash or even (dare I say it?) risky, then it was simply an unspoken rule that you should also not do it. “They are our competitor, and they aren’t doing it. So if we do it, will my boss approve?”

Given the unbelievable growth of the Chinese marketplace, there is no choice but to do things differently. It is imperative that you use an event agency that creates a memorable event – an event that gets people talking. It is crucial to be ahead of the game.

Be the FLAME, never the MOTH

Thinking outside the box is key for any event or exhibition. Whether you look to keep up to date with the latest Virtual or Augmented Reality technology, provide sensational never-before-seen performances, or ensure that visually the event blows people away – the all important element is to ENGAGE your audiences, connecting your brand or product with an experience that will get them talking.

After all, we humans are a tactile & emotional species – we need to be touched, have our strings of emotion engaged, and ultimately be left feeling closer to the people and elements the event brings to them.

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