What is an Event without Humans?

What is an Event without Humans?

What’s an Event without Humans?

High Tech or High Touch?

Due to new technologies and “always-on” connectivity, consumers require more and more instant gratification, and more services on-demand. Consumers have shifted from being passive to being very active: they interact with the message and the product; they are now much more powerful and aware, thanks to new technologies.
The focus on technology and innovation is constant…

BUTwhat is an Event without Humans?

Just try to imagine… an Event where the only humans in attendance are the guests…
Hard to believe, right?

Integrating machine learning with human interaction can increase efficiency in the Event industry.
Technology can potentially be a powerful tool in the pre, during and post phases of an Event.
Digital marketers can leverage big data on their potential clients, which in turn drives marketing campaigns and social media strategies – whilst also shedding light on the right people to focus on. During an Event, VR or AR are powerful tools to engage customers, provide them with instant gratification and extra Wow. After the Event, technology helps to follow-up and retain your public.

, what is an Event without the Human Touch?
The answer is simple, we couldn’t talk about Events anymore!
Events are memorable because of the People!
True service is all about People with the help of great technology!

Event culture and practices need to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing world – but there will always be one thing that never changes: the human species demands human touch, no matter how advanced technology gets.

Consumers can feel involved with a brand through Touchpoints– moments in time where they come into contact with Your brand, whether it be physical or digital.
Every touchpoint matters!
The human-touch element of Events is what these physical touchpoints thrive on, and what makes guests remember You as a brand. People will remember the feel of an interaction! After all, we humans are a tactile species. We thrive on emotion, connection, and interaction.

Never forget the basics!
True service with a smile is the core of the guest experience!
The output we are all striving for is to create long lasting emotional connections!

At Verve International we strongly believe and practice our services on the belief that achieving THE RIGHT HUMAN TOUCH is the key for a Successful Event, and for your brand awareness.
Get in touch today to find out how Verve can #MakeItHappen!

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