Why Come to China for your Events & Trade Shows?

Why Come to China for your Events & Trade Shows?

Why China? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the country, but why should you consider hosting an event, trade-show, or exhibition there? On top of the many experts detailing how China is the new global, economic hub, with a rising population with increasing disposable income, we wanted to tell you our experiences on the ground here!

1: The Energy

The energy in China is electric! Trade shows, exhibitions, and events alike are fairly new to China, only being introduced about 15 years ago, but despite the recent popularity the atmosphere is fast and dynamic- attendees attracted to seeing the newest and the greatest. If you are seeking an exciting thrill with endless opportunities, China is your next destination!

2: The Consumers and Clients 

The Chinese client and consumer are hungry for the content you have to deliver. If you can keep up with their expectations, you can expect many new eyes on what you have to offer. With the correct utilization of Chinese social media apps like WeChat, you can access an audience of over 700 million active users!

3: The Connections

Once you have a foot in the door with China’s audience, you can access a gateway of other high profile countries in Asia like Japan and South Korea. Especially when it comes to business, the surrounding countries are intertwined. Once you have an event in China, who knows where your next one will be – perhaps Singapore?

So, should your products, services and brands yearn that much-needed boost, head on over to Asia to make those sales, and we are here to help you!


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