Why Is Everybody Exhibiting in China & Asia?

Why Is Everybody Exhibiting in China & Asia?

Why Is Everybody Exhibiting in Asia?

Exhibitions, Trade Shows and the Fairs Industry has kept on growing over the last few years!

According to the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI, the growth of Exhibition Industry in the Asia-Pacific region is unparalleled, and it is expected to grow at the fastest rate on earth!

China, in particular, has been listed as the world’s largest business travel market as an example of the region’s rapid boom!

Did you know that in December 2018, 59% of exhibition space in the Asia-Pacific region was sold to clients in China? Wow!

So Why China & Asia-Pacific?

  1. Modern infrastructure and venue capacity

It is expected that by the end of 2019, venue capacity in Asia will be over 9 million m2and that purpose-built exhibition venues operating in Asia will number more than 230! It is not only about a venue’s capacity, but also about a venue’s versatility! The selection of venue settings is wide and great!

  1. Connectivity

This topic is a relevant issue for planners and organizers worldwide. If you think about markets such as Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur… they are definitely a central hub opening up the market to new customers from all over the world – with more flight accessibility, frequency and capacity. On-site transportation systems in main cities as well as venues locations are very efficient!

  1. Hotel availability

Asia-Pacific’s hotel industry is experiencing a steady growth in terms of hotel pipelines and number of rooms available. As an exhibitor or event planner, you are going to be sure that the infrastructure provision is wide and varied enough to guarantee people’s attendance to your Event!

  1. Cutting edge technology

As an outstanding example, Seoul is the high-tech market leader, which in turns boosts innovation, startup ecosystems and also attracts foreign businesses. Hong Kong boasts of internationally renowned incubators and investors which in turn generates entrepreneurial development.

  1. Political and Economic stability

Political and economic stability are the foundation for iconic events worldwide… that’s why you can consider many countries in the Asia-Pacific region as ideal destinations for the Industry!

…Are you on your way to your next Exhibition in the China & Asia?
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