Why You Should Include a VIP Experience at Your Event and How to do it!

Why You Should Include a VIP Experience at Your Event and How to do it!

Why You Should Include a VIP Experience at Your Event and How to do it!


The good news is that some of your attendees are willing to spend more than what you are charging for your Event or Exhibition!

People are likely to pay more to be rewarded for their loyalty, value and prestigious status…or simply to feel more important to your company or to their loved ones!

It’s simple… VIP guests are those who build Your Brand day by day… your biggest fans!

So… what does this mean for you?

It is vital for Your Company to keep event attendees satisfied, amazed and loyal, by combining value and incentive!

Here we are with 5 tips on how to include a VIP experience in Your Next Event!

  1. Recognize their Support

It is all about attention, gratitude and recognition! VIP people need you to be thankful for their support, for deciding to be there and dedicating their precious time to you. Make sure to show your recognition and gratitude, even through simple details like place cards!

  1. Exclusive Access

VIP people want to be part of an exclusive community, to get access to exclusive services and unforgettable experiences. Why not provide them with a backstage pass to fiercely show they’re receiving a substantial added value?

  1. Quality over Quantity

Deliver a surprise, a wow factor! It’s not about the quantity of time and it’s not about the quantity of rewards, it is about the quality of the experience. Make sure VIP guests are getting the most out of their time! Consider providing complimentary transportation, or travel booking support, as well as sharing detailed schedules and timelines to make sure they can prepare in advance and avoid wasting their time!

  1. Keep it personal and tailored

It is true that every VIP person wants to be rewarded somehow…but there are many differences in how guests would like to be treated! Some guests prefer to keep their privileged status more anonymous, some people needs more recognition, and so on…
Make sure, when possible, to know your attendees in advance and provide them with a tailored experience which satisfies their personalities and expectations!

  1. Enable contact between VIP guests and Event speakers or representatives

Connection is key! Try to stay in touch, to personally dialogue with them and to spend some of your time making sure they’re having their best time at the Event. VIP treatment is not only about great champagne, best seats or fancy giveaways, it is about the connection you develop with your attendees and the value you’re delivering!

Verve is here to make sure you have the Right People and the Right Staff to deliver the highest value and to #MakeItHappen!

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